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Sunday, July 09 2023

JAMES 1:8-14
8) Jesus, the Anointed One, is always the same
- - - yesterday, today, and forever. 9) So don’t
let anyone lead you astray with all sorts of novel
and exotic teachings. It is more beautiful to
feast on grace and be inwardly strengthened
than to be obsessed with dietary rules which in
themselves have no lasting benefit.
10) We feast on a sacrifice at our spiritual altar,
but those who serve as priest in the old system
of worship have no right to eat of it.
11) For the high priest carries the blood of
animals into the holiest chamber as a sacrifice
for sin, and then burns the bodies of the
animals outside the city.
12) And Jesus, our sin sacrifice, also suffered
death outside the city walls to make us holy by
his own blood.
13). So we must arise and join him outside the
religious “walls” and bear his disgrace.
14) For we have no city here on earth to be
our permanent home, but we seek the city that
is destined to come.

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