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Saturday, January 27 2024

. . .For the battle is the Lord’s . . . .  1 Samuel 17:47
Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth. JOHN 17:17
The crises of life to all of us. If you do not know how to act on
God’s Word when a crisis comes, you will be at a disadvantage.
No matter what the problem is, God’s Word has something to
say about it. God’s Word has the answer, Find out wha the
Word says, and act like it’s true!
When someone asks the question, “What in the world are we
going to do now?” Just smile and answer, “We’re going to act
like the Bible is true!”
Many people mentally agree that the Bible is true, but that’s
not enough. You must act like the Bible is true! If you know
God’s Word is true, and you act like it it, them it will become
real in your life. You will bring God on the scene in your life!

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Saturday, January 13 2024


Just as the trees/plants go dormant for winter time and the
roots are being enforced; the same thing happens spiritually in
our spiritual growth. On the surface It seems life is diminishing
in our goals. But as we stay grounded in HIS WORD our lives
are being enforced and enriched for new growth. In our                                                                                                                                                            geographical area there are 4 seasons, spiritually each season
brings new growth , whether seen or unseen.
Fall season: it starts preparing by what seems like “drying-up”,
and life and color seems to disappear. As it should.
Winter season: Most leaves, due to lack of nourishment,
(spiritual pruning) have dried up and fallen off the branch,
leaving the branch bare. But the roots are alive and well;
getting stronger as they are able to focus on growth.
Spring season: the trees begin to send the results of resting
underneath the ground, and growing roots. We begin to see
new life, buds, greenery, flowers, gardens bearing their crops
from early planting. Spiritually we begin to grow to another
level by hearing revelations from Holy Spirit. Revelations that
are personal, or to share with others. We begin to “bud out” in
our new growth.
Summer season: Due to hot temperatures in this region, staying
in a cool place is sought. Sometimes spiritually situations get
“hot, good, or bad”. Those are the times when we are already
prepared to focus and release The Word, whether for “hot,
good, or bad”. Time spent in The Word prepares the spirit-man
for events we encounter. Because we have grown spiritually
during the Winter season the Fruit of the Spirit can come forth
instead of the carnal man.
This is not a teaching, it is just a reminder that we all have
pruning seasons, quiet seasons, growth seasons, and last but
not least, we have action seasons; spiritual duty to carry out for
the Kingdom of God.
You are blessed and highly favored of God.
Pastor Petie. H U G S ! ! !

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