Pray for David and Petie Newsom as they vacation in Odessa, FL

Pray for revival in the nations and for God to continue what He started in Ushuaia, Argentina

Pray for the people of Israel, their protection, and for them to come to know Jesus as Messiah

Pray for the exposure of and to stop all sex trafficking

Pray for our nation and President Trump, Vice President Pence, and their advisors.

Pray for God's protection, guidance over the youth, and the children of America.

Pray for the protection and safety of our borders

Pray for US active-duty and deployed Military members and their families

Pray for Randall Terry and Family (Pro-Life Activist)

In our State Capitol, many changes are coming, and our state needs our prayers and involvement. 

Please research the following proposed legislation which is up for a vote this upcoming week of 1-5 April 2019.

We suggest an email, letter or a call asking them to vote YES or NO on the following legislation ASAP: 

Senate Bills:   Senator Buckingham, (512) 463-0124

SB 22 SB 151
SB 23 SB 886
SB 1033 SB 1250
SB 154

House Bills:   State Representative Hugh Shine (512) 463-0630

HB 16 HB 188           HB 978
HB 1929 HB 244           HB 1035
HB 2434 HB 254           HB 1190
HB 517           HB 2692
HB 850

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