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Dig a little deeper into the Word with Pastor Petie.

Tuesday, October 04 2022

Para Theou para means along side of, and it depicts
a very close, side-by-side, intimate position next to
someone else. The word theou. Is the Greek word for
GOD. These two words together in this verse, pictures
a person who comes right along side of God, 

who comes as close to God as possible, who stands 
side-by-side with Him.
JAMES 1:5 Actually tells us in the Greek Tense
God actually commands us to come to Him when we
need wisdom. The word indicates God wants us to be
firm and resolute when we request wisdom from HIm.
But there is a condition, “If any of you lack wisdom, let
him ask of God…”
That condition is found in the phrase, “of God.”
In this statement, God’s requirement of us before He
will give us the wisdom we need. If we want wisdom,
we must come right alongside of God in order to obtain
it. God wants a relationship with us. He doesn’t want
to just freely hand out answers to our problems. He
wants us to come to Him where He can love us and
fellowship with us and where we can feel and
experience His love. He wants us to spend time with
Him. The moment we get side-by-side with God He
opens His hand and reveals everything we need to
know and understand about the situations we are

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