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Monday, September 27 2021

Follow: Greek-akoloutheo - it can mean “accompany” and “assist’ and “follow.” The word “acolyte” is derived from akoloutheo. An acolyte is an assistant or attendant.

This is such a simple word that has more meaning to it than just, “follow along.” Jesus wanted the people to be doers of what they heard and saw him do. He wanted them to learn to do the work of the gospel. He wanted them to “assist” and “accompany” him. His job in calling the disciples to “follow” HIM was so much more. He was training them to “assist’ and “accompany” him in learning and doing the work of the gospel. As He spoke what He heard His Father say, and did what His Father told him to do, He in turn taught his disciples to do the same thing. Jesus told them to “follow” Him.

This word follow carries the same meaning when Paul said to follow his example. 1Corinthians 11:1. You must follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ. [Contemporary English Version]

In other words, we are to imitate Jesus. That is what Paul told the Christians. To follow his example as he fol-lowed the example of Christ.

So first of all we are to “follow” the examples of Christ; we are to learn of His ways. Then there are others that we are to “follow” as they follow Christ.

The body of Christ is what the world sees. They should be able to “follow” our examples, as we follow Jesus.

So, your life may not be in the lights of famous, but it is in the lights of Jesus. People will see righteousness and truth living through you. Because of that, it will help them to re-adjust their way of life that may be off track of God’s Word. They will “follow” your example.

Next time you are “following”, or “assisting”, or “attending “someone compare their life to The Word and make sure it lines up. If you are not for sure, ask Holy Spirit. He will tell you. He came to be our ‘helper, teacher, . . . anything we have need of. He is there to help us.

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