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Tuesday, August 17 2021

I wonder sometimes what part of repentance applies to me personally. Do you ever think the same thing? What part of repentance applies to you personally? So, let’s look at the word REPENTANCE. “RE”-prefix. Again: back to an original place, condition, etc. Now, try to re-member the “RE” part for later on, and include condition of the soul: mind, will and emotions. Now for the rest of the word RE-PENT.

“PENT”: adjective. Confined, repressed, kept inside: not re-leased.

With the meaning of these words separated to reflect on, bringing them together helps us to know there are things in our minds that don’t line up with the Word of God. So, we must think about repenting. What do we have repressed in our minds that we don’t want to deal with? What has God asked us to do that we have repressed in our minds? And if we don’t think about it, hopefully the request will go away. Then we move on with life. And not doing what God has asked us to do. Is that part of the word meaning to not “release?” Maybe in unforgiveness, obedience to something, cheating, lying, etc.

Remember Jonah? He had been given an assignment by God. He at first refused to accept the assignment. But God had chosen Jonah to go to Nineveh. Jonah needed to repent. He needed to return to his original obedience [condition] of mind for God. But Jonah had pent up feelings for the people of Nineveh. That city was like Sodom. There was much evil in it. Jonah didn’t want to go; he had judged them in his own heart. But with all Jonah went through God was dealing with his heart. Jonah needed to repent of his judgment. God was working in both Jonah and the people in Nineveh.

Maybe there are things that God is dealing with us as individuals. Maybe He is wanting us to return to our loving, willing obedience to love and serve HIM. Also, do we have a bad attitude towards the sinners here in America? They, like the people of Nineveh, need to hear The Word of God for the opportunity to repent or God’s judgement will be upon them. I liked the outcome for the city. They fasted and they found favor with God. Because they REPENTED. Isn’t that incredible? The whole region REPENTED, because they heard the Word of God. What are we as individuals holding back in our minds? What is repressed in our soul that needs God’s Word? Let us absorb the Word and repent as needed.

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